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So yeah this was intended to be a blog focused on gaming but it's hard for me to not speak the truth of Christ Jesus the Lord

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Anti-Calvinism 101

To start, let’s think of some horrible sin like… a child being brutally stabbed to death by a disgusting excuse for a human being. This scenario can be interpreted in multiple ways

  • Person A: God ordained it to happen for a purpose.
  • Person B: God knew it was going to happen through exhaustive foreknowledge, and allowed to happen
  • Person C: God did not know it was going to happen, but knew it was probable it was going to happen.
  • Person D: God did not know it was going to happen, and caught Him completely by surprise
  • Person E: Not only was it not known, but God is neither present nor powerful enough to stop it
  • Person F: God doesn’t exist and it just happened.

 Thus, the arguments would go as follows…

  • Person B charges the God of Person A of being cruel for ordaining such horrible act to take place
  • Person C charges the God of Person B of being cruel for knowing it would take place and allowing it to happen
  • Person D charges the God of Person C of being cruel for knowing it was probable to take place and allowing it
  • Person E charges the God of Person D of being cruel for being present during the act and being powerful enough to stop it, yet allows it to happen
  • Person F charges the God of Person E for their God not being a God at all

 Ultimately what happens is…

  • Person A fully upholds God’s Sovereignty, Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence.
  • Person B strips away God’s Sovereignty, but upholds Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence.
  • Person C & D strips away God’s Sovereignty, and Omniscience, but upholds Omnipotence & Omnipresence
  • Person E strips away all attributes
  • Person F realizes when all attributes are stripped away, it ceases to be God, and is but a man.

Notice how it basically goes from God to man? Well, this is exactly what happens when you apply the standards of man to God aka the standards of creature to Creator. God becomes man, Creator becomes creature. You see, as a man, if I was in the presence of a child being brutally stabbed to death and had the power to stop it, it would be wrong for me not to. If I knew it was going to happen but allowed it, it would be wrong for me to. If I planned for it to take place, I’d be just as cruel as the person doing the act.

The thing is, there’s two kinds of sin, those of commission and those of omission. A sin of commission is doing what is wrong. A sin of omission is not doing what you should be doing.

The vast majority of anti-Calvinistic thought makes this fatal mistake:

  1. They apply the standards of creature to Creator.
  2. They charge His ordination of all things including evil acts as being evil (commission).
  3. And therefore call Him evil.

All the while ignoring the fact, that by applying the standards of creature to Creator, they would ultimately condemn their own God as evil, due to His allowance of evil acts (omission).

Yet I uphold the idea of Creator being categorically different than creature and thus can ordain the worst sin ever to take place in history, aka the death of the only good man ever to exist (Acts 2:23). Meow


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people over-simplifying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be incredibly one-sided are starting to annoy me

The current invasion notwithstanding, the casualty statistics, military capabilities, and general treatment of one group by another are together similar to a high school senior jock punching an annoying fifth grader for standing next to him and poking him.

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people over-simplifying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be incredibly one-sided are starting to annoy me

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if this isn’t how your boyfriend describes you, you need to move on.



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I get so mad when I see reasonable positions defended with unreasonable logic.

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i have 53 drafts on this site and about half of them are probably some of the most snarky post i’ve ever written. 

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i remembered one of the few things paul washer said in one of his sermons that i didn’t actually empathise with was that the older he got the more meaning he drew from the word “reality.” whether or not the truths of the bible were a reality manifested in his life. and while that’s something with…

this is da realest post ive ever seen on dis site. really!

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Swoope - LSD ft. Christon Gray

My favorite rapper Swoope released his first music video & single for his new album Sinema.

Absolutely amazing.

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So like you could preview Lecrae’s Anomaly album on the amazon pre-order thing earlier today but they took it down now and yeahhhhh from what I heard it was pretty meh but then again i’ve thought that about every crae album for the first couple times then I somehow get hooked so ya it may be koo

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