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So yeah this was intended to be a blog focused on gaming but it's hard for me to not speak the truth of Christ Jesus the Lord

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So I heard it’s Earth Day


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Manda as a man.

my best friend makes a gorgeous man.

he’s cute (no homo)

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dontcha just hate it when you have no idea how to make a 2d animation of a llama eating a pie? happens to me all the time ugh

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Any reason why? I haven’t read any of her stuff in a while.

well I guess to be more specific, I can’t stand her twitter

Recently, it was the “Both Jesus without social justice and social justice without Jesus render the Church unnecessary.” post she made that was quite annoying. I don’t see anywhere in scripture that says the purpose of the Church is social justice. The primary responsibilities of the Church are the preaching of the gospel, administration of sacraments and church discipline. 

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The “self-help” folks really need to understand that the only way to help yourself is to give up all hope that you can help yourself, that even the best “you” apart from regeneration, is a sinful wretch, and that if we don’t die to ourselves and all our attempts at self-improvement, we will never be resurrected. 

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i can’t stand rachel held evans

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If you blaspheme and mock the Resurrected Messiah, go here and read.

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Link: http://strength-dignity.tumblr.com/post/83144460565/i-think-one-of-the-worst-things-about-habitual-sin

I think one of the worst things about habitual sin is that after a while, the guilt doesn’t come anymore. There is only a sense of emptiness and a numb mind. You know it’s wrong. You know Jesus is better. But everything in you is tired of fighting a losing battle so it’s easier to give in.


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I want to start a band called Mumford & Puns and all we do is make puns to aggressive banjo music.

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revelation19 pointed this out to me sooo i thought I’d make it giffable

jordyndaniellemarie ohmykittens hahahahahahahahahahah


Thrice denied by his closest friend.
Christ I’ve denied again and again.
Though a traitor, I’ll still follow him.

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"Augustine of Hiphop" is seriously the funniest and most brilliant twitter name I’ve seen omykittens

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John Calvin had a great big bushy bread.


Here’s a man that kneads no introduction. I guess this is what happens for leaven the Catholic Church. Aldough, it sure is a good thing he wrote a lot of books so we can read something instead of loafing around at home all day.


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